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  Mica series product: the mica fragments, the mica powder are widely applies in electric appliance, welding rod, rubber, plastic, papermaking, chemical industry, paint, coating, pigment, ceramics, cosmetics, new building materals and so on.

  Sepiolite series product: Uses in only the carburetion class, took the paint the chemical additive, uses in the geothermy well drilling, the petroleum well drilling, in the rock salt well drilling process premium mud material, uses in the soil amelioration, the fertilizer deflocculant, the agricultural chemicals carrier feed additive, the cementing agent, the animal growth promoter, the feed location clear oil emulsion and so on.

  Vermiculite series product: Mainly uses in constructing, the shipbuilding, governing builds up, the chemical industry, the improvement soil, the fire wall, the fire protection coating heat insulation fire protection function.

  Quartz series product: Makes each kind of plate glass, and the ornament. The casting profession uses in the modelling using the sand. The metallurgy profession may make the smelting chemical additive, the melting agent and each kind of ferro-silicon alloy.The fire-proof material profession may make the fire-proof material and so on. The cement profession may make the sand cement ingredient, the aeroconcrete, ordinary product and so on. The chemical industry may make the sodium silicate, the silica gel, the drying agent, the petroleum fining catalyst. Manufacture outer wall coating, street linedraw paint and so on.

  Floats the bead series product: As the filling agent available for the heat preservation heat insulation, the fire protection coating, wooden models the product (Generation of wood, Imitates the wood) the polymer, the gummy, the putty, the glass fiber reinforced plastic, the electric insulation material, the compound materials, the fire-proof material, the thermal insulation material, the building material woodenly, are widely uses in industries and so on as astronautics, navigation, automobile.

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