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  Nature and classification: Mica is a kind of silicate mineral of aluminium. It has silicon oxygen tetrahedron structure of one layer of forms in succession. It can be divided into three subtribes: muscovite、biotite and lepidolite.Muscovite includes muscovite and rare sodium glimmer, Biotite includes phlogopite、biotite、iron glimmer and black mica of manganese;Lepidolite is tiny scales full of oxidize the potassium.our factory mainly produces and processes muscovite、biotite、lepidolite.

  1.Structure: its chemical formula is KAl2〔AlSiO3O10〕(OH)2

  2.The chemical composition:

composition SiO2 Al2O3 K2O Fe2O3 CaO Na2O MgO H2O
content(%) 47.32 33.25 11.82 1.81 0.03 0.96 0.91 2.7

  3.The physical-index

Density(g/cm3) refractive index whiteness diameter heatproof The loss of burning moisture
2.80 1.60 70-80 >60 1000oC 2.8-2.9 <1%

  4.Main specifications(规格)and technical index

specifications homogenization sand content(%)) water content
900um(20目) um +900 -900/+450 -450/+300 -300 ≤ 1.0 ≤ 1.0
% <2 65±5 25±5 <10
450um(40目) um +450 -450/+300 -300/+150 -150
% <2 45±5 45±5 <10
300um(60目) um +300 -300/+150 -150/+75 -75 ≤ 1.5
% <2 50±5 40±5 <10
150um(100目) um +150 -150/+75 -75/+45 -45
% <2 40±5 30±5 <30

  5.Main use:

  Muscovitc has excellent property of insulation and heat-cndurancc. it,s also unique in its resistance to acid and alkali. Muscovite is widely used in radio、aircraft、electrical machinery making、oil well drilling etc. It is also an ideal material for paint、dope、plastic and many other fields. Muscovite can reduce the damage which is caused by ultraviolet rays、lights and heat,to the membrane.It can also improve anti-corrision and cold resistance and lower the ventiliation of the coating and avoid spots or cracks.Mica powder can be used as waterproof and cold-proof materials.Mix mica with resin coating of mineral wool,and we can decorate outside walls with it.

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